Been There - Done That!
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  • Saves Time,
  • Saves Money,
  • Improves Productivity, and
  • Makes difficult/complex projects more interesting and enjoyable.
Allow me to be of Service...

Made the greatest contribution when the information systems or communications systems project was intense and required a calm, experienced, and confident project manager or project management consultant.

  • Instilled confidence in project control.
  • Provided clear, concise, and specific direction to subordinate and peer project managers.
  • Maintained absolute control of scope, schedule, and budget.
  • Demonstrated accurate visibility of progress, challenges, risks, issues, and actions.
  • Motivated development personnel to exceed expectations.
  • Motivated the user community to embrace change.
  • Applied the waterfall, rolling wave, building block, SOA and agile applications development life cycles, where appropriate.
  • Provided absolute software, infrastructure, process, and people side readiness.
  • Clients who use my services do so repeatedly.
  • Clients who use my services provide glowing testimonials and references.
This site is still under construction. The table of "Clients and Employers" provides estimated dates of my engagements.
I am still researching the actual dates. The testimonial buttons still need to be linked to the many letters I have recieved over the past 44+ years.